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The Tradition of Sewing

sewing-machineSewing, whether by hand or on a machine, has been a tradition often passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Daughters have watched their mothers and grandmothers lovingly craft handmade garments destined to be handed down through the years. The knowledge that is shared is not only a treasure but also a wonderful opportunity for creating memories. Traditions often have a way of fading as the years go by as our lives become more and more full. It would be truly sad if sewing became a casualty of the hectic lifestyle we lead today.

CREATE’s owner, Lisa Waddell, learned to sew spending time with her grandmother during her childhood. Lisa has amazing memories of these cherished times and out of it came a true love of sewing. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge with those interested in learning such important skills, from the very basics of the machine, to far more intricate details. Here at CREATE, we love to see the excitement as new sewers accomplish their goals in the form of pretty skirts, tote bags, and cuddly stuffed animals.

We have seen sewing become more and more popular with young girls and adults who didn’t have to chance to learn as children. Our sewing camps, classes, and private lessons have also become more in-demand. In response to this growing popularity, CREATE planned more Summer Sewing Camps than ever before and is in the process of developing sewing classes for adults as well. We start at the basics and continue on teaching more and more details.

Check out some of the beautiful projects we have to offer and watch for a newsletter featuring more projects & upcoming classes :



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  1. Vanessa Vancour June 10, 2013 at 1:22 AM #

    My mom had a sewing machine but rarely used it. I actually learned how to sew as an adult, 5 years ago. But now that I’ve developed a love and appreciation for the craft, I intend to show my daughters & get them machines of their own.

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