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The Impact of One Little Word


Have you heard of “One Little Word”?  Traditionally, these kinds of posts are written as one year is ending and a new one is beginning. The idea is to carefully choose a word as a sort of theme for yourself; a word to provide guidance, to fall back on, to keep yourself on whatever path you’ve chosen to follow. Your OLW is a celebration of you.


The One Little Word “movement” was started by crafter, blogger, and mother Ali Edwards. For the past few years, Ali has chosen her own word and encouraged thousands of others to do the same. She invites her readers to post their words and stories to the comments of her blog, then curates a list of every single word. Ali’s One Little Word journey has inspired countless blog posts, scrapbook and journal pages, online classes, and more. How you choose to implement your OLW into your life is personal, as everyones needs and situations are different. I have some friends who wear jewelry with their word. Others make pieces of art personifying what their word means to them. Some journal their words. Even a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or on the dash of your car is a perfect reminder.


CREATE’S WORD: STREAMLINED: (verb) ˈstrēmˌlīn

“make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.”

Lisa & I sat down at the beginning of the year to plan & discuss goals for 2013. Both of us felt the importance of learning from the past, keeping focused and on task, and working smarter not harder. STREAMLINED seemed perfect to represent our ideas and attitude toward continuing to grow CREATE. As a result we’ve been more conscientious and thoughtful about our ideas, time, and commitments. It isn’t always easy, we have a tendency to get distracted by shiny objects and pretty colors, but knowing what we want is half the battle.  


LISA’S WORD: BALANCE: (noun)  ˈbaləns 

“an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady;  stability of one’s mind or feelings”

AMY’S WORD: FAITH: (noun) fāTH

“complete trust or confidence in someone or something”

Each one of us chose a personal word as well.  Lisa wears many hats: mother, wife, entrepreneur, chauffeur! She chose balance, because, well…isnt it obvious!? Simply having a word like balance makes you pause when life is crazy, take a deep breath,  and remember that you can’t be everything to everyone all the time. It allows her the perspective to decide what is important and what can wait. One simple little word does all that!

My family was facing some change coming into 2013. Change can sometimes be a hard thing to wrap one’s head around and accept, even when you know it will yield positive results. So my word, faith, reminds me that everything will be ok, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment!
What’s your OLW? If you didn’t choose one, why not do it now? There are no one little word rules out there.  If you did choose one, how are you using it? We’d love for you to share your story with us!


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