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Staying Inspired!

“There are no original ideas. There are only original people.”

-Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Painting a Halloween-themed birdhouse.


*Where do we get our inspiration from?

Our customers are always asking us, “How do you come up with all these ideas?” “How did you become SO creative?” Well, we would like to say that inspiration comes easy…that everything turns out picure-perfect the first time, that we can bring every vision in our minds to life and it’s JUST LIKE WE IMAGINED IT!


The truth is inspiration & creativity aren’t always easy. There are occasions when we have set aside time to work on new projects and the visions just don’t come. The visions often come when we need to do things like update our website, edit photos, and deal with all the stuff that comes along with running a small, independent business.


Lisa & I spend LOTS of time researching. We keep our eyes open when we shop. And not just when we shop for craft supplies…inspiration can be found anywhere! I love looking at patterns and color combinations of everything from plates to quilts to stationary to packaging!  Of course the internet is an invaluable resource. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy can be a savior for MANY reasons. A bit of browsing is wonderful to get over that creative block. Being able to curate, organize, and refer back to a personal collection of ideas on Pinterest is priceless for us. I love the quote above because it reminds me that it is OK to get inspiration by looking at the creations of others.


These are a few tricks we use for staying inspired:
1. Play to your strengths, but don’t be afraid to try new things.
2. Remember there are no mistakes; only happy accidents!
3. Keep a pen & notebook with you at all times. A camera is handy too!
4. Brainstorm & talk ideas out with another creative friend.
5. De-clutter your workspace.
6. Take a break! Step away from your project for a bit!


Often, we simply play & play until things turn out. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. This is absolutely part of the creative process. And it’s a great part because you can’t help but learn as part of the process. Ultimately, the finished product might be light years away from our original vision…and that’s okay! Some of the most loved pieces we’ve created have ended up miles away from what we intended.


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