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The Joy of Making & Buying Handmade Goods

CREATE was born from a passion for creativity and a love of crafting something deeply personal and meaningful, whether as a family keepsake or as a cherished gift to a special loved one. As CREATE has grown and evolved over the past three years, our appreciation for handmade has grown right along with the store.

We’ve smiled as we watched our smallest customers work slowly and carefully on every last detail of a gift for mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. We’ve encouraged young crafters as they master a new technique during a camp or just dropped in for an afternoon of artful play! CREATE has worked with customers to design dozens of hand-stamped keepsake necklaces, bracelets, and keychains as gifts for family members, teachers, coaches, and friends. During frequent Ladies Nights, we watched as tentative, self-proclaimed “non-crafters” shed their inhibitions and dove into a handmade project with enthusiasm. When they’re done, not only are they proud of themselves, but they’ve created a wonderful treasure!

The handmade movement has made huge strides during the past several years. Craft shows, fairs, fleas markets, and independent business owners have made handcrafted products available to just about anyone. The internet has played a definitive role through not only the popularity of crafting & DIY blogs, but with websites such as Etsy, ArtFire, and Pinterest  just to name a few. You can “google” almost any crafting questions you have and in a few seconds, a wealth of how-to’s and tutorials are at your fingertips. The opportunity to buy handmade is so accessible today and the benefits are numerous. You have the privilege of owning or gifting something precious and dear to the artisan. A piece made with their own two hands, that holds their love and their spirit within it is priceless compared to a mass-produced item possibly made in a factory in another country. Handmade is more than just an object; it’s talent and passion and value and craftsmanship that brings back memories of a time when those qualities were so valued. This wonderful blog highlights reasons to buy handmade given from artisans themselves.

CREATE loves the role we play in bringing a passion for hand-crafting to our little corner of the crafty community. We enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve gained with our loyal customers and new friends. It’s exciting to us to design new projects that inspire you to CREATE your own project. Our greatest joy is seeing a happy CREAT-or, whether child or adult, leave our store proud of what they’ve made. We look forward to continuing sharing CREATE and our love of handmade with you in the years to come.




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