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Registration for CREATE Summer Camps- Now Open!

About Our Summer Camps

The wait is officially over, registration for CREATE summer camps opened this week! CREATE summer camps feature a myriad of creative and fun projects for kids and adults. Our summer camps last for about three days or four days (depending on its theme), and they run from June 3rd to August 8th 2013. Though our camps are appropriate for a wide array of ages, we have separate groups based on age, to maximize the benefit of the camp.

Regardless of the theme or focus of a camp, we encourage everyone to get involved in the fun. Painting in PJs in our vibrant, exciting studio is an unforgettable experience, for people of any age. You may feel a touch of jealousy as your child raves about his or her awesome time, but rest assure, we’re working many new projects for adults! Stay tuned for more awesomeness!
Group Camp Project

The Benefits of Summer Camps

To celebrate the opening of summer camp registration, CREATE is bringing our blog readers ten amazing benefits of summer camps, listed below!

  1. Children who attend summer camp, regardless of its focus, show increased energy and endurance during physical activity.
  2. When children associate exercise with fun, it turns a workout into a welcomed and enjoyable task, for life.
  3. Summer camps highlight and enhance natural talent and skill within children, improving their chances of success
  4. Summer camps involving music and art promote creativity and imagination, giving your kid a much healthier brain
  5. Kids who attend a summer camp with a particular focus, have more self-esteem and pride in their work.
  6. The added confidence from summer camps gives children a sense of independence and strength, reducing the effectiveness of peer pressure.
  7. Attending summer camps has also proven to improve grades and strategic thinking in many students.
  8. Summer camps that focus on art, music, or creativity help children express emotions and reduce stress.
  9. Summer camps look great on college and job applications; they show added structure and creativity in a person.
  10. At summer camp, children build new friendships and learn the importance of teamwork.


For more information on the time and focus of our summer camps, please visit our Summer Camps page.

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