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All about CREATE!


CREATE is a family-friendly arts and craft studio open to everyone 7 days a week for drop-in crafting.  CREATE is located in West Omaha, NE just 5 minutes off the Dodge Expressway. Our experienced CraftZy staff is always ready with creative tips, guidance, and encouragement. Check out our art-themed birthday parties, field trips, kids camps, and sewing lessons. Ladies we didn’t forget you! CREATE Ladies Night are a great time! From date nights to book clubs, CREATE can provide you the space and project options to make your visit memorable!

What is a drop-in project?

~You may drop-in anytime we are open and select a project from our studio.
~Once you have selected your project we will set you up in our workroom with an apron or paint t-shirt.
~We will get out all the supplies and helper tools (stamps, stencils, masking tape, etc) needed for your chosen project.
~Our experienced CraftZy Staff will start you off with a bit of instruction and will stay close by if you need any additional creative tips or suggestions.
~We have craft dryers to help your project dry as you move from step to step.
~At the completion of your project we will put your project on a box to take home. This way no wet paint or glitter will get on you car during your travels home.
~Here is the best part. We clean up ALL the mess.

Not Crafty?

No problem! We specialize in helping the “craft challenged”. We have all sorts of helper tools, creative tips and instruction to help you create your MASTERPIECE.  We promise that you’ll enjoy your artistic experience here at CREATE.

What types of projects are available? What about adult projects or projects my husband/boyfriend might be able to do?

We literally have hundreds of options from duct tape wallets (for that man in your life) to painting pottery to making a Husker door hanger! You can take a look around the studio and decide for yourself what your creativity is calling you to CREATE!  Also take a look at our  website photos to see samples of some of the completed projects!

How long does it take to make a drop-in project?

Honestly this differs from person to person. We recommend allowing yourself at least 1-2 hours for most projects. Keep in mind that different age kiddos will take different amounts of time to complete a project.  A pre-k child may take 15-30 minutes to complete a project while a 8-10 yr old may take 1-2 hours to complete a project. You are welcome to bring a Peanut-FREE snack to help the  CREATivity flow.

Can I drop my child(ren) off at CREATE?

We offer drop-offs for children 8-years-old and up. Let them use their creativity while you run errands! A minimum $20 per child purchase is required to keep your child occupied. Your child may stay a maximum of 2 hours per day. You will be charged $5 for every five minutes past the maximum of 2 hours. Drop-offs are subject to space and staffing available; we highly encourage you to call before you come. Children age 10 and older may be dropped off with siblings aged 5+. CREATE reserves the right to revoke drop-off privileges.

How much does a drop-in project cost?

CREATE offers projects in a wide range of prices to fit any budget! Our drop-in crafts range between $8-$45,

Can I bring in my own project?

Our workroom is equipped with a variety of crafting tools! Why go out and spend a fortune for one project when we have everything on hand? Use the CREATE studio & our tools for $3/hour or $8/day. Supplies (paint, stickers, glitter etc.)  are priced upon quantities used. 

What is Mixed Media (MM)?

Here at CREATE, we want you be be as imaginative as you want to be. That’s why we have assembled a huge variety of mixed media items for you to use. Items such as fabric, buttons, bling, die-cuts, puzzle pieces, patterned papers, recycled objects, and more may all be incorporated into your artwork. You’ll see the mixed media pricing on many of our projects. If you’d like to add mixed media to a craft that currently doesn’t have a price, just ask!

Can I drop-in to do a sewing project or to make jewelry?

We would love to teach you the basics of sewing and jewelry making. Due to the nature of our business, sewing projects and jewelry making are by appointment only to ensure we have the properly trained staff available to best instruct our customers.

Do you offer Private Lessons?

We are also available by appointment for private lessons at $20 per hour.

Can I drop-in to do a door hanger?

Yes & No! We keep a very limited number of prepped door hangers on hand for drop-ins. We have several styles to choose from and cannot guarantee we will have what you want unless you contact us at least 48-hours in advance.  Custom cut door hangers must be ordered 5 business days in advance and prepaid for.  Groups coming in to create door hangers MUST TELL CREATE 72-HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THEIR CHOICES. We will not guarantee they will be ready for you without this sufficient prior notice.

Should we dress in old clothes to come to CREATE?

We provide paint T-shirts and aprons to protect your clothes so you can wear anything you’d like, but accidents do happen and our paints do stain so dress accordingly! Just plan to be comfortable!  We cannot be responsible for any stains on personal items.

Do you offer coupons or special group pricing?

Like us on Facebook, signup for our newsletter and follow our website to be notified of specials coming up in the future.

Can I bring snacks and beverages while I am there?

Yes!  We do ask that you follow our peanut-free policy (see below), but you are welcome to bring in whatever you’d like.  We are also located next to a Sam & Louie’s and customers are offered a discount if CREATE places your order.

Why is CREATE peanut-free?

CREATE wishes to provide a safe, fun, & CREATE-ive atmosphere for all of our guests. With the rise in peanut allergies in the past several years, we have decided to go peanut-free. You are welcome to bring snacks during your visit to CREATE, just please make sure they are free of peanuts!

We prefer Debit Cards, Checks, Cash or Gift Cards.
We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.