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Job Description

Job Description:

  • This position entails greeting customers and teaching them about our wide variety of products and options. Employees are here to inspire, guide, teach and clean up after our customers.
  • Position entails lots of cleaning including mopping, taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, tables, chairs, counters, windows and more. Maintaining a clean and inviting studio for our customers is a major priority of this job. Employees are also responsible for organizing and maintaining our booking/appointment tracking system, unpacking shipments and merchandising products.
  • Employees must be detail oriented maintaining our wide selection of supplies. This includes returning items to their proper homes so others can easily find them and informing management immediately when we are low on products.
  • Employees will open and close the studio, ring up receipts, run credit cards, answer phones, track customer creations, assist with kids camps, birthday parties and drop-in customers.
  • Employees work both together in teams and independently. Employees will take direction from the owner, manager or supervisor and will complete all assigned tasks in an orderly and timely fashion.
  • This position may occasionally involve creating store samples, but will not include custom work or other employee-created art work. There will be no time for homework, Facebook, texting or any tasks that are not related directly to the work at CREATE during working hours and scheduled shifts.

Requirements or Qualifications
Candidates must be:

  • 16 years of age
  • Comfortable working alone, opening and closing the studio
  • Able to use basic computer skills; Knowledge of Google file sharing & calendar applications is very helpful.
  • Able to communicate clearly with customers, management and other employees in a friendly and upbeat manner.
  • Able to follow written instructions and complete tasks with little supervision.
  • Bubbly, fun, friendly, patient, thorough, punctual, loves working with kids.
  • Willing to clean and organize.
  • Comfortable talking to strangers and large groups of adults and/or children.
  • Capable of lifting a minimum of 40lbs.
  • Capable of standing/walking for a 5-hour shift without difficulty.
  • Excellent time-managers and multi-taskers. Employees are required to assist multiple customers while cleaning, answering phones and managing their daily to-do lists.
  • Able to work well under pressure and in high-stress situations. Employees are required to assist with customer issues and problems with a cool, calm and collected manner. Great problem-solving skills are necessary.
  • Able to present a smoke, drug and alcohol-free, family-friendly appearance, attitude and reputation at all times.
  • Employees must have a flexible schedule and be willing and available to work evenings and weekends.Flexibility during the daytime would be helpful but not a requirement.
  • Employees must have reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Employees will at all times follow the rules, policies, contracts, manuals, owner and manager instructions, written and verbal instructions and will promptly request clarifications should questions arise.

 Please print off the application then email it along with your resume and a few pictures of your art or crafts to

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