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DIY Duct Tape Projects & Classes in Omaha NE

Duct Tape trends are taking over and it could not be more amazing! The potential that coincides with this material is vast, so our options are virtually infinite. This new Duct tape trend teaches us that art supplies live everywhere, hiding in everyday tangibles.


Soldiers originally used duct tape to keep moisture out of their equipment. At first, manufacturers only produced this tape in green and they did not offer it to the public. However, after time- duct tape grew in popularity because of its durability. Eventually, hardware stores carried the tape in several hues and designs to match the project theme

Modern Use

Recently, duct tape snuck its way in as an awesome new fad- making the material even more available. Now, you can find various themes and colors in department stores everywhere. So refrain from getting upset with the kids for wasting all the duct tape- they may just be getting a little creative!

How These Projects Benefit Kids

When children express themselves through art, even if they use all the duct tape, it shows that they are expressing their feelings. This is a great way to communicate with your child if you are having a difficult time understanding what they want.
Art projects and workshops boost emotional release and prevent stressful emotions from frustrating a child. Studies actually show that children who engage in the arts achieve better grades and suffer less social anxiety.

Duct Tape Classes

In a few weeks, we are hosting our Duct Tape Camp. This camp is appropriate for ages 8+ and is available Feb. 15th or 18th; from 10am to 4pm. This class creates positivity and nourishes your child’s talent by supporting their artistic integrity.

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