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Creativity: A Family Affair

FamilyDo you consider yourself a “creative” parent? Or do you look at Pinterest with dread seeing
all the creative ideas you AREN’T doing? Well, we have a little secret to share: You don’t have to be a crafty, creative, or artsy parent to make creativity a part of the memories you make with your family!

Doing creative projects together gives your family an experience to share. While you’re creating with your hands, you’re also creating something else you will always treasure: memories. The time your family spends creating will draw you closer, teach you more about one another, and nurture not only the imagination of your children, but will also reawaken the creative soul inside of you.

Today, families go in a hundred different directions all the time and when we’re not rushing off to this practice or that lesson, we spend a huge amount of time with technology. Our iPods and SmartPhones have replaced much of the old fashioned human interaction. Why not slow down once in awhile? Relax with your family? Creating together has wonderful benefits for everyone.

  1. Crafting boosts self-esteem in children. When they carefully make something with their own two hands, the pride they feel is priceless. 
  2. Crafting can teach children perseverance and patience. The process of creating something and sticking with it from start to finish is an invaluable tool that will stay with them through life.
  3. Doing art together as a family boosts the imaginations, thoughts, and ideas of everyone in the family.
  4. You create important keepsakes, whether they be scribbles by your toddler, your tween’s first mixed media canvas, or your husbands clay sculpture. Every time you look at them, you’ll smile at the memories made the day they were created.
  5. By setting aside some time to create together as a family, you are making real connections with one another. Use the time to talk, find out what’s going on in their lives, and share memories of your childhood.

Whether you consider yourself a creative parent or not, there are a few important things to remember if you decide to create as a family. Sometimes it’s difficult as adults to let go, but for the good of our children, it’s essential.

  1. Creating is more about the process than the outcome. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the quest for a seemingly perfect end result. Remember art is subjective. 
  2. DON’T do your child’s project for them. They are children who are learning and growing and using their imaginations. Let them.
  3. Encourage creativity and self-expression in your home.
  4. Try not to be so hard on yourself with regards to what you are making. Remember, our children are listening to us and if we cut ourselves down, we haven’t properly shared this experience with them.
  5. There are NO MISTAKES in art. There are only opportunities to learn.

If you are not sure where to begin, let us help! Plan a family date night and focus on creating together. You are welcome to come to CREATE where we can jumpstart everyone’s imagination with our examples and supplies. We have everything on hand that you will need for the whole family to make wonderful memories.

There are many resources out there to explore family creativity. One of our favorite blogs is SouleMama. Amanda Blake Soule is a mother of five, who writes largely about nurturing the creativity of the family. She wrote a wonderful book, The Creative Family, that is filled with activities for you and your children.

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